American Association of Universities Ph.D. Initiative

Improving Graduate Education

BAR has a partnership with the IU Bloomington Graduate School as they develop and support enhanced opportunities for graduate education and occupational success.  Specifically, the AAU PhD initiative seeks to improve graduate education for a wider and more diverse array of career pathways, both within and beyond the academy.  Data transparency from admissions, to enrollment to graduation and beyond, allow students to consider a diverse range of employment opportunities while they appropriately align their educational experiences.

Explore data for Ph.D. students at IU using the menus below. Data are provided in both graphical and tabular formats.

Graphical Data

Ph.D. Enrollments

There are over 3,300 PhD students enrolled in each semester at IU Bloomington, and they represent a multitude of diverse backgrounds and demographics.

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Ph.D. Degrees

When you enroll in a PhD program at Indiana University Bloomington, you are receiving a degree of the highest quality.

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Ph.D. Time to Degree

Indiana University graduate students take less time to complete their degrees than at many peer institutions.

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Tabular Data

Fall SemesterFall 2015Fall 2016Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2019Fall 2020
Official Census Enrollment3,5863,5523,5483,5003,4733,322
Field of Study*Fall 2020 Official Census Enrollment
Arts and Humanities850
Social and Behavioral Sciences459
Physical and Earth Sciences346
Mathematics and Computer Science329
Biological and Agricultural Sciences309
Other Fields174
Health Sciences102
Public Administration and Services36
*Field of Study based on CGS/GRE 2010 CIP crosswalk:

Fiscal Year (Jul 1-Jun 30)2014-152015-162016-172017-182018-192019-20
Total Official Degrees514452456478476471
FY 2019-20 PhD Degrees Conferred
233 (49%)
238 (51%)
Residency Status
FY 2019-20 PhD Degrees Conferred
Non-Resident379 (80%)
Resident92 (20%)
International/Underrepresented MinorityFY 2019-20 PhD Degrees Conferred
Domestic Non-URM275 (58%)
Domestic URM46 (10%)
International150 (32%)

Fiscal Year2014-152015-162016-172017-182018-192019-20
Median TTD5.
Field of Study*
2015-2020 Median TTD (# of Degrees)
Arts and Humanities6.7 (474)
Biological and Agricultural Sciences5.9 (289)
Business5.0 (73)
Education6.1 (377)
Health Sciences4.9 (134)
Mathematics and Computer Science6.0 (235)
Other Fields6.6 (178)
Physical and Earth Sciences5.3 (287)
Public Administration and Services5.7 (47)
Social and Behavioral Sciences6.7 (495)
*Field of Study based on CGS/GRE 2010 CIP crosswalk: